Anugrah Narayan College
  Department of Public Administration  

The Post Graduate Department of Public Administration was started at A. N. College, Patna is 1984 for imparting Post Graduate education and degree in the faculty of Public Administration. Even since its inception under eminent scholars like Late Prof. K. P. Singh and Late Prof. M. M. Mehra the department has focused on quality post graduate education, research, seminars and conferences. The department in its early years held a conference of All India Public Administration Association in A. N. College Patna, which was a laudable effort. In 2011 the department for primarily bringing political scientists of Bihar together for intellectual interaction formed the, Bihar Political Science Association on 27-11-2011 and its first conference was held on 01-12-2012 under the chairmanship of prof. L. N. Sharma, Major achievements of this collaborative efforts of the department of Public Administration and Bihar Political Science Organisation are Seminar on "Managing Federation and Multi Culturalism in Coalition phase of Governance," on 01-12-2012, key speakers being Shri Prakash Mani Tripathy DDU University and Shri Memmon Matthew editor, Hindustan Times.

Lecture series on "Application of Gandhian Techniques for Moral Regeneration and Economic Reconstruction," from 03-11-2012 to 30-04-2013

One day international Seminar on November 29, 2015 on "Prime Minister of India from Nehru to Modi."



1. To impart quality education which opens doors for employment to become productive     members of society.

2. To develop knowledge and skills needed to function well in

             (i) The practice of public administration and

             (ii) Study and research in public administration.

3. To promote the general powers of the mind to serve the local and regional communities.


Lecture notes