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The UGC-sponsored Department of Environment and Water Management was established in 1996 in A. N. College, Patna, under Magadh University, initially to impart B.Sc. Hons. Degree course in Environment and Water Management.

In Bihar, this is the only post graduate department that provides the students a unique opportunity to pursue a challenging new career in the globally emerging vital field of water sciences and management. Our department is one of the few in the nation that offers a comprehensive under graduate ane post graduate program involving terrestrial, wetlands and aquatic ecosystems from the molecular to the landscape level.

With development of strong teaching and research facilities, along with national and international academic interactions, this department has become the hub of innovative academic enterprise with direct relevance to societal needs.
This department has recently been admitted to the prestigious ERASMUS MUNDUS academic programme (EURINDIA) of the European Commission as a participating and collaborating teaching and research partner, wherein exchange of facility, research scholars and students with those of selected European Universities will give the much needed global exposure to the learner and learned alike.

In addition, this department has strong linkage with industry to facilitate placement and
internships for our students.



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