Anugrah Narayan College
  Department of ELECTRONICS  


Research Papers:
Dr. Arun Kumar (click to view profile)
  1. Arun Kumar et al., “A MOSFET-BJT Composite Unit”, Journal of IETE, Vol 38, No 4, 190, 1992
  2. Arun Kumar et al., “The Dynamic behavior of a MOSFET-BJT Composite Unit”, Acta Ciencia Indica, vol XXXIV P, No. 1, 161, 2008
  3. Arun Kumar et al., “Effect of temperature on the dynamic performances of a MOSFET-BJT Composite Unit (M-MOS-N); Acta Ciencia Indica, Vol. XXXV P, No. 4, 567-573, 2009
  4. Presented paper in international seminar held on the theme “Water Scarcity –issues and solutions in Izmir, Turkey.
  5. Two school books were published in 2011.
Dr. Seema Sharma (click here for profile)
  1. A novel low temperature synthesis of KNN nanoparticles by facile wet chemical
    method, R Rai, Seema Sharma, R Rani, D Pugliese, M Quaglio, S Bianco, C Pirri, Materials
    Research Applications, 8, 247, 2017.
  2. Laser ablated Lead free NaKNbO3 thin films, Md Kashif Shamim, Seema Sharma,
    R. J. Choudhary, J Mater Sci: Mater Electron; 2017, Journal of Materials Science:
    Materials in Electronics, 28(16), 11609, 2017.
  3. Study on Multiferroic Properties of Lead Titanate Based Ceramic, Kiran Kumari,
    Kumar Brajesh, Amit Kumar, Seema Sharma, Md Kashif Shamim, Materials Today:
    Proceedings, 4, 5625, 2017.
  4. Evaluation of Structure, dielectric and electrical properties of (Li/Ta/Sb) modified
    (Na, K) NbO3 lead free ceramics with excess Na concentration, Journal of Advanced
    Dielectrics, Md K Shamim, Arpana Singh, Seema Sharma, J of Advanced Dielectrics, .Md
    K Shamim, Seema Sharma, S Sinha, E Nasreen, 7, 1750037, 2017.
  5. Effect of different microwave power applied during microwave assisted radiant
    heating on the structure, dielectric and electrical properties of Ba0.8Ca0.2TiO3
    ceramics,Arpana Singh, Md. Kashif Shamim, Seema Sharma, R. Rai, Journal of Materials Science:
    Materials in Electronics, 2018.
  6. Study of Structural, Electrical and Magnetic properties of 1-x(Ba0.96Ca0.04TiO3)-
    x(BiFeO3) ceramics composites, J of Materials Sc: Materials in Electronics, R Rai, M Lal,
    M Shandilyaa, Anand Ranjan, Seema Sharma, M A Valente, In Press.